Hydrotherapy for Dogs


Aquapaws is Cyprus’ FIRST and ONLY Canine Hydrotherapy Pool – an extremely beneficial and long-overdue service for the dogs on the island! Worldwide, Vets have been recommending this type of treatment for so many ailments for dogs, from post-operative and post-natal recuperation and recovery to arthritic limbs, spinal problems and even just to keep fit! This is because it is non-weight bearing, with the water supporting the body, and cardiovascular to get the heart doing some work to aid circulation and energize.

For many years now, horses, and especially race horses, have been swimming in hydrotherapy pools for these reasons, and even racing greyhounds have benefitted from their use. This doesn’t mean to say that dogs have to be young and/or fit to come swimming – indeed, the dogs that show the biggest improvement after their sessions are usually the older, more infirm ones! In certain cases, even dogs who seem to have paralysed limbs have been able to walk again after a fashion when they have been taken for hydrotherapy!

Cats can also benefit from this treatment even though the majority of them usually hate water and there are a number of dogs who are also not very keen but as with any health problems, when it comes to combating the complaint it’s not a matter of what is liked and/or enjoyed but rather what works, and time has proved that this is a very effective method.


Opening Hours: Monday – Friday  -  9.00-6.00

Saturday                -  9.00-3.00

Sunday                   -     closed

Prices:                 1st swim                  -  Free Trial

All swims after      -  €12.

Special Offers:   Block book and pay for 10, get 12

Block book and pay for 12, get 15

For longer pre-paid block bookings, POA